Light Tracer Bluetooth Remote Control /w Tripod & Selfie stick

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TRACER Selfie Stick + Tripod with lamp and Bluetooth remote control

Keep every unique memory for longer, capture every special moment in a photo. All you need to do is carry a wireless Tracer selfie stick with tripod. A group selfie with your friends against the backdrop of a beautiful seaside landscape? Impossible without a selfie stick. This inconspicuous gadget will become your loyal companion on all trips and expeditions. Want to capture a wider frame, with the background and a group of friends? No problem, extend the legs built into the selfie stick and you will get a stable tripod. The option to use the selfie stick as a tripod, plus a wireless remote control and a built-in lamp make it a very practical gadget.

• Wireless remote control via Bluetooth.
• 3-in-1 device: tripod and selfie stick with lamp.
• Max. stick length: 95cm.
• Lamp with 20 LEDs included.
• Lamp diameter 43mm.
• Built-in 50 mAh battery.
• Vertical and horizontal phone position.

Foldable design
An incredible advantage of the Tracer selfie stick is its telescopic design. Due to its low weight and small dimensions when folded, it will fit in any luggage, as well as in a small woman’s purse. Length adjustment up to 95cm and the option to use the stick as a tripod gives unlimited possibilities for taking photos. Unleash your creativity, take a photo focusing only on yourself or capture the entire, wide panorama.

Remote control
Another advantage of the device is the wireless remote control and Bluetooth connectivity. Currently, fewer and fewer smartphones have a mini jack connector.

Safety of use
Taking photos is always fun. With the Tracer selfie stick, you can be sure that it will not be interrupted by your smartphone falling from the mounting. The mounting holds the smartphone firmly and prevents it from accidentally falling out. Additionally, it is also safe for the casing.

Tripod and selfie stick in one
These are not the only advantages of the Tracer selfie stick. The stick of the device has foldable legs which spread into a stable tripod that you can be used wirelessly. Additionally, a round lamp with LEDs always provides the right lighting for your selfie. With this practical device, you will capture wonderful moments from your holidays, parties and other important events.


Light Tracer Bluetooth Remote Control /w Tripod & Selfie stick

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Light Tracer Bluetooth Remote Control /w Tripod & Selfie stick

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